Ragdoll Cats and Kittens - Reds,Creams and Tortiepoints

Our Cream Point Ragdoll Bicolor at 7 months

 Ragdoll cats and kittens were traditionally known to come in four colors, Seal point, Blue point, Chocolate point and Lilac point. There is some debate as to whether the Chocolate and Lilac colors truly exist within the Ragdoll breed. What's now certain is that along with Lynx point Ragdoll cats we now have Flame point (or Red) Ragdolls and all of the derivatives of that color. RFCI ( Ragdoll Fanciers Club International) and RI  (Ragdoll International) allowed the membership to bring in these new Ragdoll colors. As of May 1998 Red/Flame point Ragdolls and Lynx point Ragdolls were accepted by TICA (The International Cat Association) for Championship status. The Ragdoll within CFA (Cat Fanciers Association) also had these colors accepted within the standard   Having said this, lets look at what we have gained with these exotic Red and Cream colors and remember this is the same large, floppy, laid back cat that Ragdoll lovers have become addicted to.

cream point Ragdoll Kitten

Above, a five week old cream point male Ragdoll kitten, Cream is the dilute of Red just as lilac is the dilute of chocolate, His eyes are a very deep blue, stunning on such a light colored Ragdoll kitten. The Red gene is a sex linked gene which is carried on the x chromosome, this adds a new twist to Ragdoll breeding

At 10 weeks of age this cream point  Ragdoll kitten is already beginning to take on that  Ragdoll size and elegance. He has good boning and is going to be a big 'un. The cream point is the lightest of these newly accepted  colors

Above are six (and a 1/4) Ragdoll kittens from a litter of eight, all of the boys are Red (or flame point) and the girls are all tortie points. The litter contained five boys and three girls

Looking more like a Marx Brothers impersonation, these seal tortie point Ragdoll kittens are just too cute for words, as they get a little older the red will show up more in their coats, Groucho, on the left, should have a little red nose when  her color fully develops, all three are female.

This view gives a better idea of the way the red comes into the points of these Ragdoll kittens (it's hard to keep eight kittens in one place for a picture)

This little-big guy gets what ever he wants, who could refuse that  sweet face anything! He is also a cream point kitten, compare with Tica standard

Some genetics experts have said that these new introductions are perhaps the best thing that could have happened  to the  Ragdoll , ensuring health and longevity to the breed. By adding to the Ragdoll gene pool now, while the breed is still relatively young,  we will hopefully avoid the problems that some breeds are now facing,  breeds who desperately need an outcross for the health and well being of their cats but are prohibited by their registries from doing so. The Red has been introduced into the Ragdoll breed with various lines, basically by using cats within breeding programs that until now may not have been  used. The results to date have been outstanding. The Reds/Flames have already accomplished much in the show ring and in the hearts of many Ragdoll lovers everywhere.

A seal colorpoint (two year old female) and a Cream Bicolor at seven months of age

"The reds are on our Beds"

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